Lifting - tonic with peptide complex Medi - Peel Bor-Tox Pepetide Toner

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Toner Medi - Peel Bor -Tox 5 Peptide Toner effectively fills the lack of moisture after washing, restores and maintains an optimal water-lipid balance, improves the ability of cells to retain moisture. The tonic prepares the skin for further care, increasing the effectiveness of subsequent care products.

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Lifting-toner with peptide complex from Medi-Peel Bor-Tox Pepetide Toner intensely moisturizes, nourishes, and prevents dryness, promoting wrinkle smoothing and elasticity enhancement. The product provides a toning effect, improves complexion, and restores healthy radiance.

The toner restores the optimal acid-base balance, neutralizes the aggressive effects of tap water, and prepares the skin for the next step of care. Its goal is to combat signs of aging: strengthens turgor, activates the synthesis of fibers, collagen, and elastin, as well as reduces the depth of existing wrinkles, slowing down the aging processes. The toner has a lightweight texture, absorbs quickly, and leaves no stickiness.

Key Active Ingredients:

  • Volufiline – actively stimulates local accumulation of adipose tissue, increasing its density and elasticity, preventing sagging, and smoothing wrinkles;
  • Complex of 5 types of peptides responsible for continuous cell regeneration and renewal, providing deep anti-aging effects, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and preventing their formation, stimulating renewal and regeneration processes, slowing down cell aging;
  • Complex of 7 types of enzymes – supports normal microflora, contributes to pigmentation lightening and tone alignment. Moisturizes, prevents redness, regulates melanin production, gently exfoliates the stratum corneum, and accelerates regeneration processes;
  • Adenosine – possesses strong anti-aging potential: provides a lifting effect, stimulates collagen synthesis, reduces wrinkle severity, and slows down the aging process;
  • Hydrolyzed collagen and elastin – strengthen cell walls, improve protein metabolism. Supports the matrix, smooths wrinkles and folds;
  • Hyaluronic acid – penetrates deep into the epidermis and is intended to prevent dehydration, replenish moisture deficiency, prevent dryness, and protect against aging;
  • Edelweiss Stem Cells – slow down the aging process, neutralize the aggressive effects of free radicals, environmental factors, and ultraviolet rays, preserving smoothness and elasticity.

Suitable for all skin types.

Application: after cleansing, apply the necessary amount of toner to a cotton pad and wipe the face.

Volume: 180 ml.

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KIOKO-Lifting - tonic with peptide complex Medi - Peel Bor-Tox Pepetide Toner
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