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List of products by brand Missha

Korean cosmetics MISSHA is one of the best BB cream manufacturers in Korea. MISSHA rightfully takes a place in the hearts of Korean women and a place on their shelves.

The main concept of the brand is based on the fact that high-quality cosmetics can be affordable, and most importantly, safe!

The developers decided that the content is more important than the outer shell, and therefore all Missha products have an uncharacteristic design for Asian cosmetics. Creams, belongings, essences are packaged in modest jars and tubes of neutral shades. But at the same time, they can boast of the absence of harmful parabens, dyes and other toxic additives in their composition. In addition, all products are constantly tested for the presence of allergens. Anyone who has skin prone to irritation and redness should pay attention to the products of this company.

Missha is represented by a fairly large number of items. In total, there are about 600 cosmetic products for hair, face and body care. Among them are hydrophilic facial essences with extracts of iris and lily of the valley, clay masks with extracts of oriental herbs, multifunctional BB creams, anti-aging snail creams with collagen, fillers to fill wrinkles and smooth pores, and much more.

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