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IUNIK is a young Korean company that has already succeeded in conquering the domestic and international markets thanks to the high quality and efficiency of its products. It contains only natural ingredients that have a positive effect on the skin and its health.

The brand was founded 3 years ago, but quickly gained popularity and attracted the attention of international distributors. Its name is not chosen by chance and is an abbreviation, where I means "I", U - "uniqueness", N - "naturalness", I - "ingredients", K - "innovation". Thus, the company wants to show that it uses only natural ingredients in its cosmetics, combining them in unique formulas.

The company's most popular products are serums. They are a highly concentrated liquid with active and beneficial substances. They are often used to restore damaged areas of the dermis, as well as intensively nourish the skin with vitamin complexes. This serum is easy to use and suitable for almost all girls.

In each of its products, this nonsense is focused on using the most useful and high-quality ingredients. The composition of the products is concise, which allows each component to work as efficiently as possible. This approach allows the company to produce simple but effective skin care products with visible results.

The company has its own laboratory, where a group of specialists continuously conducts research, tests new essences and gels, and analyzes consumer preferences and wishes in order to produce the most relevant and necessary products for buyers. Modern equipment is used in the production, which allows obtaining pure extracts of medicinal plants and highly active trace elements.

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