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    KIOKO-Medi-Peel Rose Water Bio Ampoule Toner
    KIOKO-Medi-Peel Rose Water Bio Ampoule Toner

Medi-Peel Rose Water Bio Ampoule Toner

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Medi-Peel Water Bio Ampoule Toner is a biphasic toner with rose extract based on rose extract oil and water. Due to the combination of oil and water, the product is called biphasic. The tonic deeply moisturizes all layers of the skin, smoothes the microrelief, and has a rejuvenating effect. Rose extract, based on 3 types of this flower, enriches dry, dull and depleted skin.

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Medi-Peel Rose Water Bio Ampoule Toner is a biphasic rose water toner based on rose extract oil and water. The nutritional components of the product revive, tone and stop dehydration. Rose extract, based on three types of this flower, enriches dry, dull, depleted skin. Other ingredients of Medi - Peel Rose Water Bio Ampoule Toner deeply moisturize all skin layers, smooth the microrelief and have a rejuvenating effect.

The properties of Medi - Peel Rose Water Bio Ampoule Toner provide the composition:

1. Rose extract (3 types) - increases the protective functions of the coating, creates a protective barrier, prevents dehydration and the formation of wrinkles.

2. Rose water - refreshes, tones. Evens out tone, removes puffiness, dullness, signs of fatigue and stress.

3. Peptide complex (6 types) - smoothes the microrelief, anti-aging effect, eliminates wrinkles and folds and prevents their appearance in the future.

4. Hyaluronic acid (8 types) - a different molecular weight of each type of acid is focused on a certain layer of the skin, where the specific type acts, blocks the release of moisture from the cells and prevents dehydration and edema.

Two-phase tonic with rose extract Medi - Peel Rose Water Bio Ampoule Toner is suitable for mature skin with dehydration, withering and dryness. The toner is applied daily twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

Suitable for mature, sensitive, couperose and dry skin.

How to use: Before applying the toner, remove any make-up, if applied, then cleanse the skin with foam and proceed to the toner. Shake before use, then apply the product all over your face with your fingers or a cotton pad.

Volume 500ml

Data sheet

Even tone
Flat relief
Hyaluronic acid
the Rose
After 25

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KIOKO-Medi-Peel Rose Water Bio Ampoule Toner
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