List of products by brand Masil

Korean Masil, which, when creating its products, focuses on the saturation of the composition and high concentration of components, which proves their effectiveness in practice.

The brand's products are made with powerful salon technology, lossless quality and powerful formulas right in your home.

The brand offers products for all stages of curl care: shampoos and other cleaning products; air conditioners; hair coloring and toning products; special care: masks and balms.

The action of the product is focused on the care and restoration of damaged hair.

In the recipe you will definitely see: collagen; silk; fruit, vegetable, vegetable proteins; keratin; ceramides; natural oils.

All Masil products are aimed at maintaining the health of curls, so manufacturers pay special attention to the quality of its ingredients.

Masil is a relatively new company that is widely known in Korea for its hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, masks).

Revitalizing professional shampoo with...

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Revitalizing professional shampoo with ceramides Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC shampoo gently cleans hair of any dirt, does not cause irritation and itching, helps smooth hair and prevents brittleness.

The tool eliminates dry areas and cares for damaged hair, makes it smooth and manageable, saturates it with useful ingredients.

The shampoo exfoliates the stratum corneum and contains components that care for the scalp. Stimulates cell renewal, strengthens hair roots, protects against premature hair loss and dandruff.

Masil 8 Second Liquid Hair Mask hair mask, 8ml

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Masil 8 Second Liquid Hair Mask is an express mask for hair volume that quickly restores hair structure, strengthens it, and helps to return a healthy shine and radiance. The Masil hair mask adds volume to the roots, makes hair locks smoother and more manageable, and combats excess oiliness of the scalp. The mask gently cares for thin, weakened, lifeless hair, actively nourishes and restores damaged areas. It compensates for moisture deficiency, prevents split ends, and creates a protective layer that shields hair locks from the negative effects of styling products, hair dryers, and tap water. The Masil hair mask improves scalp health, normalizes the natural pH balance of the skin, reduces hair oiliness, strengthens roots, and prevents hair loss. The product can improve hair condition in just 8 seconds. It is a clear essence that acts directly on the hair locks and scalp.

Masil 6 Salon Lactobacillus Hair Perfume Oil Light

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Perfumed hair oil with probiotics Masil 6 Salon Lactobacillus Perfume Oil Light for intensive moisturizing. The tool smoothes and softens the hair, making it shiny and silky. The active ingredients of the oil penetrate into the hair follicle, supplementing the lack of moisture and preventing dryness, strengthening weakened and lifeless hair. intensively moisturizing the hair, the oil restores its healthy shine, strength and color brightness.

The light consistency oil is quickly absorbed into the hair without leaving a greasy residue, suitable even for curly hair.

Masil 15 Salon Perfect hair fixer

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Spray hair fixer Masil 15 Salon Perfect Hair Fixer, helps to create a light natural styling: imperceptibly locks strands, creates volume, maintains a perfect hairstyle until the end of the day. The spray spreads evenly throughout the length of the hair, leaves no stickiness and does not stick together.

The tool strengthens weakened hair, creates an invisible protective shell that protects curls from the effects of ultraviolet radiation, hair dryer and ironing. Makes hair soft and manageable, prevents brittleness and fluffiness, removes hair electrification.

The spray falls evenly on the curls, does not create a feeling of heaviness.

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