List of products by brand A'pieu

A'PIEU cosmetics are designed to take care of new skin - soft and sensitive. Therefore, it contains only natural, fresh ingredients, excluding preservatives. Therefore, the products have a relatively short shelf life.

A'PIEU entered the Korean cosmetics market in 2008. First of all, the brand is intended for 20-year-old girls who are looking for the first care and decorative products and want to give their skin a gift. The brand name was chosen from a French word with a beautiful sound - "peiu" ("I drink"), which means "basic", "first".

Brand products contain more than 95% organic ingredients. Some of them are snail mucin and fresh goat milk, and milk proteins, and the well-known hyaluronic acid, plant and fruit extracts, and much more.

Apieu Deep Clean Foam Cleanser foam for the face

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Apieu Deep Clean Foam Cleanser soda foam for deep cleansing of the facial skin effectively removes cosmetic residues, eliminates black spots, dissolves fat plugs, mattifies the skin and prevents inflammation. The composition of the foam is enriched with soda and mineral water. The foam cleans "up to a squeak", leaving a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Ideal for the second stage of skin cleansing.

A'pieu Deep Clean Cleansing Oil hydrophilic oil...

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A'pieu Deep Clean Cleansing Oil is a skin cleanser designed to effectively remove makeup and impurities. Thanks to the unique formula and natural ingredients, the cleansing hydrophilic oil penetrates deep into the pores, freeing the skin from grease, dirt and cosmetic residues. Get perfectly clear and fresh skin with Deep Clean Cleansing Oil from Korean brand A'pieu.

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