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List of products by brand A'pieu

Cosmetics from A'PIEU are designed to care for young skin - delicate and sensitive. Therefore, it contains only natural, fresh ingredients with the exception of preservatives. Therefore, the funds have a relatively short shelf life.

A'PIEU entered the Korean cosmetics market in 2008. First of all, the brand is aimed at 20-year-old girls who are in search of the first care and decorative products and who want to give their skin a gift. The name of the brand was chosen from the French word with a beautiful sound - "peiu" ("I drink"), which means "basic", "first".

The brand's products contain more than 95% organic ingredients. Some of them are snail mucin, and fresh goat milk, and milk proteins, and the well-known hyaluronic acid, plant and fruit extracts, and much, much more.

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