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    KIOKO-La'dor ACV Vinegar Hair Cap
    KIOKO-La'dor ACV Vinegar Hair Cap

La'dor ACV Vinegar Hair Cap

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Lador ACV Vinegar Hair Cap

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This is a hair cap that contains a nourishing emulsion based on apple cider vinegar. It is easy to put on and creates a greenhouse effect to open the hair scales and help the beneficial micronutrients penetrate deep into the structure. This product will make your hair shiny and healthy and help you grow the length you've always dreamed of. The mask is active from the first minutes of application in the hair and allows you to get down to business while the curls are saturated with usefulness.

Features of Lador ACV Vinegar Hair Cap:

  • restores hair along its entire length, as well as normalizes the scalp;
  • absorbs sebum and removes dirt;
  • ensures wound healing and accelerates regeneration;
  • gives curls shine and a healthy glow;
  • reduces the influence of external factors and protects hair from breakage;
  • soothes itching and inflammation, as well as removes redness;
  • strengthens the hair by saturating it with vitamins and useful trace elements;
  • simplifies combing and creates volume at the roots.

How to use: Use after shampooing. Gently towel dry your hair to remove excess moisture. Gather the hair at the crown and carefully put on the mask so that it covers all the hair. Adjust the mask to fit your head well, remove the paper sticker and fix the sticky part of the mask. Gently massage your head and remove the mask after 10-15 minutes. Rinse the hair with warm water, carefully removing the product residue.

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