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    KIOKO-KOELF Ruby Bulgarian Rose hydrogel mask
    KIOKO-KOELF Ruby Bulgarian Rose hydrogel mask
    KIOKO-KOELF Ruby Bulgarian Rose hydrogel mask

KOELF Ruby Bulgarian Rose hydrogel mask

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Koelf Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Mask is a ruby powder hydrogel mask. It intensively saturates the skin with moisture, prevents flaking, smooths mimic wrinkles, prevents the manifestation of pathogens and protects against adverse external influences.

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South Korean brand KOELF Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Face Pack mask on the basis of hydrogel provides intensive skin hydration, eliminates all signs of dryness, improves skin elasticity and smoothes the microtexture. Fills the epidermis with irreplaceable substances, maintaining a healthy and fresh appearance. It tones the skin, restores the optimal water balance.

The rose oil in the mask has strong anti-aging properties. Improves skin immunity and the speed of regeneration of the epidermis. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, moisturizing, soothing effects.

Ruby powder is involved in the production of collagen fibers. Strengthens the structure of the dermis, protects against negative effects.

A hydrogel is a gel-like water that is tightly bound to tissue. It adheres well to the skin and reacts to human body temperature. It improves the flow of beneficial trace elements into the cells and facilitates the absorption of the healing serum.

Bulgarian rose extract - the component strengthens and moisturizes the skin, activates metabolism, saturates cells with vitamins and useful trace elements. Rose reduces inflammation, soothes irritation and slows down age-related skin changes.

Hyaluronic acid is an active moisturizing ingredient that quickly absorbs water molecules from the air and helps them stay in the skin. It smooths fine wrinkles, tightens the skin, prevents lethargy and laxity.

How to use: Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then remove and apply to previously cleansed skin. Keep the mask for 25-30 minutes, remove and spread the remaining nourishing essence into the skin.

Volume: 30 ml

Data sheet

Even tone
Hyaluronic acid
All types
After 25
After 30
After 35
After 40
After 50
Any age
up to 25
Meeting vs.
dark circles

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