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Dr.Jart Cryo Rubber with Soothing Allantoin
  • Dr.Jart Cryo Rubber with Soothing Allantoin
  • Dr.Jart Cryo Rubber with Soothing Allantoin

Dr.Jart Cryo Rubber with Soothing Allantoin


Alginate mask "Soothing with allantoin" Dr. Jart+ Cryo Rubber With Soothing Allantoin

Dr.Jart Cryo Rubber with Soothing Allantoin

Dr.Jart Cryo

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Dr.Jart+Cryo Rubber With Soothing Allantoin Soothing Modeling Mask with Cooling Effect.

The product is made in the form of a ready-made alginate mask, which does not need to be mixed, but simply placed on the face.

The tool instantly soothes irritated skin, eliminates redness and dries inflammation. Tightens the oval of the face, improves skin elasticity.

The two-step system includes a highly concentrated soothing essence and a cooling mask.

2-step modeling mask application system:

1 step. Highly concentrated ampoule serum.

The product has a calming effect on irritated skin, relieves redness and dries up inflammation, and also prevents dehydration and dryness, normalizes oily skin, removes excess sebum.

The tool has a healing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, softens the skin and prevents clogging of pores.

2 step. Modeling alginate mask.

The mask adheres very tightly to the skin with precision following the contours of the face.

The special texture of the hardened alginate mask effectively locks all active ingredients inside the skin, allowing them to penetrate as deeply as possible and be better absorbed, increases the effectiveness of the products and prevents their evaporation. When interacting with the warmth of the skin, the mask gives a slight cooling effect and relieves inflammation. The tool has a pronounced antiseptic effect, soothes irritated skin, promotes the healing of inflammation and acne.

Main active ingredients:

Allantoin - softens, intensively moisturizes the skin, helps to narrow pores and normalize sebum production, has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritated skin.

Neem oil is one of the most effective vegetable oils in the fight against acne and pimples. It has anti-inflammatory, regenerating properties, has a good effect on oily and combination skin.

Betaine - actively moisturizes, has a conditioning effect, relieves skin irritation, reduces the destructive effect of surfactants, helps to increase their volume and stabilizes the foam, enhances the conditioning effect of other components and is a good conditioner itself, has a superficial effect on the skin, improving its appearance view.

Niacinamide - helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and improve the protective functions of the skin, helps to reduce transepidermal moisture loss from the skin and reduce pigmentation, softens, improves skin elasticity, moisturizes, tightens pores, soothes, is effective when used for sensitive skin, has a warming effect and improves blood microcirculation , brightens.

Centella asiatica has an anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect, helps to restore the barrier properties of the skin and retain moisture, reduces skin sensitivity, reduces swelling, has a vascular strengthening effect and reduces rosacea.

Panthenol - stimulates the restoration of the integrity of the skin, relieves redness and irritation, has wound healing properties.

Seaweed complex - protects the skin from harmful external aggressive influences. Improves collagen synthesis, gives the skin elasticity and tone, moisturizing and softening it.

Asparagus extract - contains many valuable vitamins, thanks to which it renews and comprehensively heals the skin.

Suitable for sensitive and problematic skin

Mode of application:

1. Apply serum generously on cleansed face;
2. Remove the mask from the packaging, remove the protective film and place on the face, pressing firmly. You should first apply the lower part of the mask, and then the upper;
3. After 30-40 minutes, remove the mask and gently pat the remaining essence to absorb.
* The remaining serum can be used on the neck, hands, etc.

Volume: 44g