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Medi-Peel 28 Days Cooling Skin
  • Medi-Peel 28 Days Cooling Skin

Medi-Peel 28 Days Cooling Skin


The cooling massager is aimed at removing edema, accelerating microcirculation, smoothing folds and wrinkles. The massager is perfectly combined with cosmetic care products, including lifting sheet masks, allowing you to use it on top of them.

Medi-Peel 28 Days Cooling Skin

Medi-Peel 28

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A cooling massager will help relieve swelling, relieve fluid retention, wrinkles, pigmentation and improve skin tone. During massage, the lymph begins to run faster, improving the metabolism in the skin. In addition, you can combine the use of a massager over lifting sheet masks, as well as with other cosmetic products. Maintains the optimal massage temperature from 2 to -5 °C, thanks to a special design with little air loss. Perfect Cooling Skin improves skin metabolism and lymph circulation. Used material for medical equipment, does not cause an allergic reaction.

Features of Medi Peel Perfect Cooling Skin:

  • promotes deeper penetration of useful components from cosmetics and effects at the cellular level;
  • visibly narrows enlarged pores;
  • helps to eliminate eye fatigue after prolonged work at the computer;
  • thanks to the convenient form it is comfortable to hold in the hand;
  • tightens the contours of the face;
  • suitable for individual and professional use;
  • perfectly cools the skin, eliminates puffiness, signs of fatigue and lack of sleep.

How to use: Leave the massager in the refrigerator for 3 hours and apply gel, oil or cream on it. Get a light massage.

Volume: 1pc

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