Medi-Peel Volume Tox Cream Peptide 9

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Anti-aging cream with peptides Medi-Peel Volume Tox Cream  Peptide 9 is a means of giving elasticity and tone to aging skin. If your skin suffers from the effects of negative environmental factors, loses moisture and you notice that aging processes are developing, you have an effective solution to these problems- Medi-Peel Volume tox Cream  Peptide 9

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Anti-aging cream with peptides MEDI-PEEL Volume TOX Cream Peptide 9 improves skin firmness and elasticity, smoothes and reduces the depth of wrinkles, strengthens the oval of the face, smoothes the relief and maintains an optimal level of moisture. Medi-peel volume tox cream Improves the functioning of all cellular systems, protects the skin from aging, restores the protective barrier and regenerates.

The innovative composition of the Medi-Peel Volume Tox Cream  Peptide 9 activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in skin cells, has a rejuvenating effect, protects the skin from dehydration and aggressive external factors, promotes deep penetration of all active substances and significantly slows down skin aging processes.

The peptide complex in the Medi-Peel Volume Tox Cream  Peptide 9 smoothes and improves skin elasticity, intensively moisturizes and nourishes, reduces the depth of wrinkles and preserves youthful skin. Soothes irritated skin, tones and improves complexion.

The active ingredient of the volume tox cream is Volufiline

Acts in the deep layers of the skin without injections. It is a combination of hydrogenated polyisobutylene, synthetic oil and anemarrhenae asphodeloides root extract. It is the extract of this root that effectively stimulates adipocytes, the cells that mainly form adipose tissue. Stimulates the production of lipids in fat cells (adipocytes), regulates their deposition process, and also activates blood microcirculation.

Peptides reduce existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones, tighten the skin and facial contours, intensively moisturize and increase the skin's resistance to countless aging factors.

They help to strengthen facial contours, raise the overall tone of the skin and activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. Peptides play an important role in the restoration of normal cell activity, they have high antioxidant activity, so when they act, the skin regenerates and general aging slows down.

Additional active ingredients:

4 types of hyaluronic acid - restores, reduces existing wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones, tightens, moisturizes and slows down the aging process. Peptides help to strengthen the contours of the face, raise the overall tone of the skin, accelerate the natural production process of collagen and elastin fibers in the epidermis.

Hydrolyzed collagen - improves the overall condition of the skin: smoothes and smoothes it, makes it firm and elastic, removes fine lines and refreshes it. It has a wound-healing and soothing effect, keeps moisture in the deep layers of the skin.

Eucalyptus extract - has a tonic and astringent effect. It has strong antibacterial properties and helps to deal with infectious skin diseases. Improves complexion.

Horse extract - has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect. It nourishes, promotes the healing of inflammations, accelerates cell regeneration and strengthens blood vessel walls.

Raspberry ketone – improves skin elasticity, optimizes the water balance deep in the epidermal cells, protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

MEDI-PEEL Volume TOX Cream Peptide 9  recommended for mature skin care.

Cosmetics with peptides are not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How to use: Apply the required amount of cream as the last care step.

Volume: 50g


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