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    KIOKO-Regenerating cream with acid complex Medi - Peel AHA BHA 28 Days Hyal Cream
    KIOKO-Regenerating cream with acid complex Medi - Peel AHA BHA 28 Days Hyal Cream

Regenerating cream with acid complex Medi - Peel AHA BHA 28 Days Hyal Cream

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A regenerating cream with an acid complex Medi - Peel AHA BHA 28 Days Hyal Cream - evens out the relief, evens out the tone, reduces acne, fine lines and pigmentation, initiates skin regeneration and renewal processes. The tool tightens and improves flexibility and elasticity, does not irritate and does not dry out.

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Revitalizing peeling cream Medi-Peel AHA BHA 28 Days Hyal Craem activates internal skin renewal processes, due to which it smoothes out uneven relief, improves texture, fights wrinkles, post-acne marks and age spots, giving softness and smoothness, a healthy glow. The cream reduces dullness and signs of fatigue, prevents peeling, 5% Hyl Acid Complex (acids AHA, BHA, LHA, PHA) has a light exfoliating effect: exfoliates dead skin particles, removes dirt from pores, restores hydrolipid balance and normalizes sebum production. Thanks to salicylic acid, the cream prevents the appearance of blackheads, lightens the fat threads and prevents greasy shine and visually tightens the pores.

The cream brightens, evens out tone and improves complexion, increases elasticity and firmness, softens rough skin, restores and nourishes. The light texture spreads in a weightless layer, does not weigh and forms an invisible protective layer.

The current composition of ingredients includes:

- 8 peptide complex - has a brightening and tightening effect, reduces the depth of wrinkles and improves turgor. Peptide - muscle relaxant, argirelin - relaxes facial muscles and reduces facial wrinkles, and nonapeptide-1 - blocks the activity of melanocytes, whitening pigmentation;

- 8 types of hyaluronic acid - saturates with moisture and prevents its evaporation, due to different molecular weights it acts both in the deep and superficial layers of the epidermis, strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier and increases elasticity;

- ceramides - are built into the lipid barrier and increase the protective functions of the epidermis, help retain water molecules in the cells, prevent the penetration of harmful substances;

- panthenol - restores, accelerates healing and soothes;

- sea water - dries up inflammations, tones, saturates with minerals, prevents dryness, increases the absorption capacity of the skin;

- Centella asiatica extract - strengthens blood vessels, reduces redness and fights rosacea, reduces edema and soothes, softens;

- niacinamide - reduces oiliness and regulates sebum production, brightens, evens out tone and prevents the formation of age spots.

Suitable for normal, combination, oily and dull skin.

How to use: after washing, using tonic and serum, apply the cream on the face. The cream can be used on the skin of the face and body, paying special attention to problem areas (redness, scars, age spots, wrinkles).

Volume 30 ml

Data sheet

Even tone
AHA acids
Hyaluronic acid

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