CP-1 HEAD SPA Cool Mint Shampoo
  • CP-1 HEAD SPA Cool Mint Shampoo

CP-1 HEAD SPA Cool Mint Shampoo

Esthetic House CP-1 Head Spa Cool Mint Shampoo is a cooling shampoo with mint extract. The shampoo will cleanse the hair and scalp from everyday impurities, give a pleasant feeling of freshness, relieve stress, and relax. Provides gentle but deep cleansing, removes styling products even after professional styling procedures. In addition, it will help to solve such problems as: excessive production of sebum and oily hair, dandruff, dullness, brittleness and hair loss.

CP-1 HEAD SPA Cool Mint Shampoo


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The shampoo contains extracts of peppermint, apple mint, lavender, etc. A total of 11 natural extracts that improve blood circulation in the scalp, normalize the sebaceous glands, moisturize, soften and soothe the skin, improve nutrition and breathing of hair follicles, thereby solving the problem of fragility and hair loss, the hair becomes stronger, stronger, shiny and silky.

How to use: Apply shampoo to wet hair and scalp, lather with massaging movements, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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