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JM Solution Glow Fill Spa Toner
  • JM Solution Glow Fill Spa Toner
  • JM Solution Glow Fill Spa Toner

JM Solution Glow Fill Spa Toner


JM Solution Glow Fill SPA Toner

JM Solution Glow Fill Spa Toner

JM Solution

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Toner instantly restores skin moisture and prepares it for further care. Its lightest texture is quickly absorbed, while natural plant extracts gently even out and brighten the complexion, as well as prevent the appearance of pigmentation.

As a result, with regular use of the toner, the skin becomes smooth and radiant, incredibly nourished and hydrated. Due to three types of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weight, the toner not only saturates the skin with moisture, but also helps to retain it in the intercellular space.

Active Ingredients

Coniferous water of cypress. Moisturizes the skin, has an antibacterial effect and fights fungus and inflammation. Good for sensitive and oily skin.

Cranberry extract. has an antibacterial effect, enhances the absorption of oxygen by the skin, has an anti-couperous effect, accelerates metabolism at the cellular level. Used in cosmetics as an antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Raspberry extract. Contains vitamins E, PP, A, B2. Refreshes and moisturizes the skin, stimulates cell renewal, maintains tissue tone, brightens age spots, helps in the fight against acne and irritation.

lotus extract. Cleanses, tones and moisturizes the skin, strengthens its structure, improves elasticity, smoothes wrinkles and slows down aging, brightens pigmentation, fights inflammation, irritation and acne, evens out skin tone.

Bergamot extract. It has an antiseptic effect, tones and refreshes the skin, relieves inflammation and swelling, fights acne, normalizes the production of sebum, tightens pores, reduces the severity of wrinkles, increases firmness and elasticity of tissues, and stimulates the elimination of toxins.

Application: Moisten a cotton pad with toner and wipe clean skin with it. You can apply the toner with your palms or layer it on for extra hydration.

Volume: 500ml