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May Island Real Essense Aloe Mask
  • May Island Real Essense Aloe Mask
  • May Island Real Essense Aloe Mask

May Island Real Essense Aloe Mask


May Island Real Essence sheet mask for inflamed, damaged, problematic, irritated, stressed, dehydrated facial skin. It has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, healing, soothing, wound healing, brightening effects. Effective against rashes, redness, uneven tone, dryness, flaking, dull skin. Perfectly tones, refreshes.

May Island Real Essense Aloe Mask

May Island Real

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To diversify your usual facial ritual, you can use fabric masks from the May Island brand. One of the most popular is the mask with aloe extract. It is designed to actively moisturize, soothe and soften the skin. The fabric base is generously impregnated with caring essence, thanks to which the entire surface of the face is covered with a uniform layer of the active composition and saturated with useful ingredients. Aloe is perfect for all skin types, so the mask is useful in the arsenal of every girl. The result will not be long in coming: even, smooth skin, without redness and imperfections.

Features of Real Essence Mask Pack Aloe by May Island:

  • the mask is suitable for all skin types;
  • regulates the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • intensively moisturizes and softens the skin;
  • increases the skin's ability to retain moisture;
  • aloe vera extract helps enzymes penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin;
  • stimulates metabolic processes and promotes the renewal of skin cells;
  • improves blood circulation, regulates metabolic processes;
  • promotes the formation of collagen and elastin.

How to use: after cleansing and toning the skin, apply a mask on the face for 20-30 minutes. Remove the mask, do a light facial massage until the essence is completely absorbed.