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Pyunkang Yul Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam
  • Pyunkang Yul Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam
  • Pyunkang Yul Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam

Pyunkang Yul Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam

Pyunkang Yul Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam

Pyunkang Yul Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam

Pyunkang Yul

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Cleansing foam with AHA acids Pyunkang Yul Low pH Pore Deep Cleansing Foam gently exfoliates dead skin cells, removes impurities from the pores, and eliminates oily sheen. The foam maintains an optimal water-lipid balance, prevents tightness and does not overdry the skin.

Foam deeply cleanses, effectively removes all types of dirt, remnants of persistent makeup and excess sebum. Regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, prevents clogging of pores, brightens dark spots. Reduces the visibility of pores, smoothes microrelief, improves skin texture.

Pyunkang Yul is a Korean cosmetic brand created by one of the best oriental medicine clinics in Korea. The brand produces only natural cosmetics (without fragrances, alcohol, parabens and silicones), which are suitable for the most demanding, sensitive and problematic skin.

Upon contact with water, the product forms a light foam that gently stimulates and relaxes the skin. It is easily washed off with water, without provoking peeling and leaving a feeling of freshness and lightness.

Main active ingredients:

  • AHA acids cleanse the skin of dead cells and excess sebum, facilitating the penetration of active ingredients and increasing their effectiveness. Activate cellular renewal, reduce the depth of wrinkles, even out complexion.
  • Tea tree extract is an effective antimicrobial and healing agent. It fights clogging of pores, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands and the production of skin sebum, and reduces oily sheen.
  • Hamamelis extract has an antibacterial and soothing effect on the skin, eliminates inflammation and acne on the face. Regulates the production of sebum, tightens pores and reduces oiliness of the skin.
  • Sodium hyaluronate is a low molecular weight form of hyaluronic acid. Penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, actively moisturizes the cells, helps to retain moisture in the skin. Forms a protective layer that prevents moisture from evaporating.
  • Centella asiatica extract improves skin firmness and elasticity, saturates the cells of the dermis with moisture. Forms a protective barrier that protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation and negative environmental factors.
  • Chamomile extract has a healing regenerating effect. Soothes irritation, relieves redness, prevents inflammation.
  • Beta-glucan relieves inflammation, eliminates redness, dryness and burning. Reduces the severity of wrinkles and skin creases, smoothes the microrelief.
  • Purslane extract is a natural antioxidant, contains omega-3 fatty acids, has a calming, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, wound-healing effect.

Suitable for combination and oily skin.

How to use: Apply a small amount of the product to wet palms, lather and gently massage your face. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.