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MEDI-PEEL Perfect Shape Lifting Mist
  • MEDI-PEEL Perfect Shape Lifting Mist
  • MEDI-PEEL Perfect Shape Lifting Mist

MEDI-PEEL Perfect Shape Lifting Mist


MEDI-PEEL Perfect Shape Lifting Mist

MEDI-PEEL Perfect Shape Lifting Mist


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Peptide facial mist MEDI-PEEL Perfect Shape Lifting Mist has a noticeable lifting effect, intensively rejuvenates the skin, tightens it and helps smooth wrinkles.

The product soothes irritations, has a bactericidal effect, reduces inflammation and redness.

Mist intensively nourishes the skin with useful components and protects against negative environmental factors. Creates an imperceptible barrier that prevents moisture loss. Tightens makes the skin supple, relieves puffiness, intensively moisturizes, removes toxins, refreshes makeup.

The bottle is equipped with a convenient sprayer, which helps the product to be distributed evenly over the skin and does not damage the makeup. It is recommended to use the mist during the intensive moisturizing day.

The product contains a complex of 8 peptides that deeply nourishes, fights age-related changes, has regenerating properties, and eliminates fine wrinkles. Gives the skin a fresh and well-groomed appearance, prevents dehydration and moisture loss, protects from ultraviolet radiation.

Additional active ingredients:

  • Ceramides prevent the loss of moisture from cells, regulate a number of cellular functions, and help restore the skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid is responsible for deep hydration of the skin and maintaining the natural ph-balance of the skin at an optimal level. Hyaluronic acid forms an intangible protective layer on the skin, which prevents the evaporation of moisture and gives a comfortable feeling of freshness and hydration on the face.
  • Trehalose is a polysaccharide that has a powerful moisturizing effect, slows down the aging process and has antioxidant activity.
  • Adenosine, a component responsible for anti-aging skin care, slows down the process of skin aging.
  • Pumpkin extract has a bactericidal, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect, and is used to treat acne. Saturates with vitamins. Tones the skin, refreshes and improves complexion. Has a light brightening effect. It is an antioxidant and protects the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Green tea extract relieves irritation, has antibacterial properties, makes skin firm and elastic, smoothes wrinkles, improves complexion.
  • Caffeine tones the skin, thereby tightening it, eliminates signs of fatigue and puffiness by activating vital processes in skin cells, and helps to get rid of a dull complexion as soon as possible.
  • The complex of plant extracts has a tonic and soothing effect. It has powerful antibacterial properties, saturates the skin with useful components, softens the skin, improves complexion.

Suitable for mature skin

How to use: the product can be applied at an intermediate stage of care after cleansing the skin and before using the cream. Mist is also suitable for use at any time during the day when the skin needs moisture and protection.

Volume: 120 ml